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Bar code Label printers
Model 1 - 200 dpi : Eltron/Zebra TLP2844
Model 2 - 300 dpi : Eltron/Zebra TLP3842
Label Printers


EasyStock communicates with the printer directly using a special programming language specific to the printer model. Only Eltron/Zebra printers employing "EPL" (Eltron Programming Language) can be used.
The 300 dpi printer is able to print more precise, smaller text and bar codes which means that more detail can be shown on labels. The 200 dpi printer is cheaper than the 300dpi.
The printers used MUST be the TLP (Thermal Transfer) version of the printers. We supply a special ribbon for use with these printers which provides a permanent wax which is transferred to the labels.