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Example Workstation "Server"
Processor : E4300 Dual Core
Processor Frequency : 1.8Ghz
Ram/Memory : 2Gb
Hard Disk : 160GB
Operating system : Windows XP/Pro SP2
Optical Drive : 16X DVD R/W
Example Machine : Dell Optiplex 745 Advanced
Configuration is considered a 'minimum'.


This machine is a standard PC "Workstation". It is configured to act as a standalone machine, hosting the SQL database. A monitor is not required if it is to be used in this manner.
This configuration is recommended for systems requiring up to 6 concurrent users connected to your network
If more than 6 users are required to connect to the SQL database, please consider using true Microsoft(tm) Server software. The hardware required for such a system will depend upon the size of the system. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Configuration and Ordering Service: Although IJS do not re-sell computer hardware we do offer the service of configuration and ordering of hardware items from suppliers.