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Thermal Receipt Printer (Till)
Model 1 : Star Micronics TSP 634 Serial Thermal Printer
Model 2 :  Epson TM88-III
Till Drawers
Most Till Drawers require a compatible Till Printer to work. The electronics used to open the till drawer are installed inside the printer. Till drawers should be ordered when ordering your compatible Till Printer.
IJS Ltd are currently testing a number of new "USB" till drawers which do not require a compatible till printer. Please check back here for progress.


EasyStock communicates with the printer directly using a special programming language specific to the printer model. Only the printers listed above are currently compatible with EasyStock.
IJS Ltd cannot be held responsible to incompatible till printers or till drawers. Please contact us if you are unsure about your proposed purchase. We will do every thing we can to help you in your purchase.
IJS Ltd act as resellers for all the devices suggested on this page.